Enterprise Software Solutions

Pacific Telematics, Inc is a known and trusted name when it comes to enterprise software and IT services.

Over the years we've successfully implemented IT solutions for many of the largest companies in America.  From small custom applications to large-scale consolidation of mission-critical systems,  we have a long record of success. 

We have on hand a wide range of resources and partnerships to help build rock-solid solutions to bring your business processes to the next level of automation and efficiency.

Project Management

We love to automate and consolidate systems to create a more productive workplace.  While pressing automation to ever higher levels is often challenging,  the payoff is enormous.  Not only are man-hours saved,  but automation eliminates the human errors that always seem to happen at the worst times.

  • ITSM Best Practices
  • Systems Consolidation
  • Systems Automation
  • Service Management with Remedy
  • Service Management with ServiceNow


We started our business providing telecommunications management systems for large enterprises.  We continue to enjoy building custom VoIP systems using Open Source Software.  We can also interface with most major traditional PBX systems.

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Asterisk (PBX)
  • Custom Systems
  • Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
  • GNU
  • Python / Linux